Samuel Hebich of India – Master Fisher of Men

George S. Thomssen 1855-1921], Hebich of India. Master Fisher of MenGerman missionary Samuel Hebich [1803-1868] served for 25 years as leader of the Basel Mission in southwest India. His entry in the Biographical Dictionary of Christian Missions notes in part:

Hebich was exceptionally successful in the conversion of young British officers, although his autocratic inclinations made him a difficult person to work with. His rather oversimplified revivalist preaching and his uncompromising fight against Hindu “paganism” aroused considerable criticism in India and Europe… Still, when Hebich retired after 25 years of service, a solid foundation had been laid on which an Indian church could be built. [p.286]

My thanks to Redcliffe College for providing a copy of this book for digitisation. This title is in the public domain.

George S. Thomssen 1855-1921], Hebich of India. Master Fisher of Men, 2nd edn. Mangalore, India: Basel Mission Book & Tract Depository. 1915. Hbk. pp.315. [Click to download complete book in PDF]


  1. The Successful Fisher of Men
  2. Hebich pays the Price
  3. Preparing for Life’s Work
  4. Establishing the Basal Mission in India
  5. Mission Work and Worry
  6. Work Begun among Europeans
  7. One Door Shut, Another Opened
  8. The Work of the Lord in Cannamore
  9. A New Departure in Missions
  10. Hebich and His Fellow-Missionaries
  11. Native Assistants
  12. Life in the Mission Compound
  13. Work at Heathen Festivals
  14. European Assistants
  15. A Remarkable Revival
  16. Work Old and New
  17. A Worthy Son
  18. When Greek Meets Greek
  19. Lengthening the Cords
  20. Hebich’s Own
  21. Fire
  22. On Tour
  23. Storm and Stress
  24. Last Work in India
  25. Eight More Years at Home
  • Appendix: A Letter from General J.G. Halliday

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