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Harold Rowdon notes that George Müller’s…

…significance for world mission begins with his philanthropy. His Scriptural Knowledge Institution for Home and Abroad (SKI, 1834) was designed to support the “spread of the gospel” by raising money for schools for children and adults, distributing Scriptures and Christian literature, supporting missionaries “whose proceedings appear to be most according to the Scriptures,” and the orphanage he established in Bristol (1835). During his lifetime, almost one and a half million pounds were received for these purposes, of which £260,000 was spent on supporting missionaries. In the early 1870s Müller was sending abroad £10,000 annually to nearly 200 missionaries. At one critical stage in its early history, the China Inland Mission depended almost entirely on support from SKI

Harold H. Rowdon, “Müller, George,” Biographical Dictionary of Christian Missions, p.480.

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Main image: William Henry Harding, The Life of George Müller. A Record of Faith Triumphant. London: Marshall & Scott Ld., 1914. Frontispiece.

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