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Morning Star: A Herald of The Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ

The Morning Star: A Herald of The Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ was a monthly magazine which started publication in 1894. Its owner and editor, Dr. Robert McKilliam, launched it in response to the widespread interest in the timing of the return of Jesus Christ which arose prior to the end of the nineteenth Century.

The articles take a futurist view of the interpretation of prophecy and many of the contributor’s names are still well known today. They include E.W. Bullinger (author of Figures of Speech in the Bible), David Baron, Alphaeus Wilkes, Friedrich Wilhelm Baedeker [1823-1906], Thomas Newberry, and Robert Anderson (author of Daniel in the Critic’s Den). One that particularly caught my eye was an article by James Hudson-Taylor, the founder of the China Inland Mission, in which he links eschatology with missions. I have OCRed and uploaded this article separately here.

While is would have possible to upload this journal to the website, which has an extensive section on eschatology, I have decided to host it on the Missiology website instead. The reason for this is that the magazine contains a large amount of material on missions to the Jewish people and expresses great concern both for their salvation and for their establishment in their own homeland.

This appears to be an extremely hard-to-find publication and I currently have access only to the first two volumes, from 1894 and 1895.

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Main image source: Image by David Mark from Pixabay

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