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Seventeen Years in the Yoruba Country, Memorials of Anna Hinderer

Anna Martin met and married the German missionary David Hinderer in 1852, while he was in England on furlough from his work in what is modern-day Nigeria.

The Hinderers went to Yorubaland in 1856, opening work in Ibadan. Though their reception was cordial, the Christian response was not spectacular. The small church that emerged, however, was later to blossom under Daniel Olubi, who himself grew up in the Hinderer household. The striking characteristic of the Hinderer’s was human warmth; they made friends readily–among them was Olubi, J.C. Akielle. Henry and Samuel Johnson, and others who became leading lights in the West African churches. Longstanding mutual affection bound Anna and the many children who lived in or visited their compound.

Andrew F. Walls, “Hinderer, David; Anna (Martin),” Biographical Dictionary of Christian Missions, p.294.

Today’s fre book is compiled from Anna Hinderer’s journals and letters and is in the public domain.

Anna Hinderer [1827-1870] & Richard B. Hone, editor, ‎Seventeen Years in Yoruba Country. Memorials of Anna Hinderer, Wife of the Rev. David Hinderer, C.M.S. Missionary in Western Africa, Gathered from Her Journals and Letters. London: Seeley. Jackson and Halliday, 1873. Hbk. pp.343.


  • Introduction
  1. Early Years
  2. Voyage to West Africa, Sojourn in Abrokuta
  3. The Gospel in Iradan
  4. Progress of the Work
  5. Visit to England, Return to Iradan
  6. Trials in War-time
  7. Second Visit to England, Last Years in Iradan
  8. Return to England. Close of Life

There is a bibliography of material by and about Anna & David Hinderer here.

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