Dr Baedeker and His Apostolic Work in Russia

Robert Sloan Latimer [1857-1931], Dr. Baedeker: and his Apostolic Work in RussiaFriedrich Wilhelm Baedeker [1823-1906] was converted through the evangelistic work of Lord Radstock in 1866.

His main ministry was in the Russian Empire 91887-89) and other Eastern European countries. In St. Petersburg he was one of God’s instruments in the revival among the Russian nobility. His initial intention was to reach the millions of German Russians, but his evangelistic vision expanded to include all the nationalities of the vast empire. His most extensive ministry was among prisoners, whom he visited even in the remote locations of Siberia and Sachalin. He combined is evangelistic work with assistance to the needy, also looking after those who were imprisoned for their faith and working for religious freedom. [Evangelical Dictionary of World Missions, p.104.]

R.S. Latimer’s book is the standard biography on Dr Baedeker. My thanks to Redcliffe College for making a copy available for scanning. This book is in the public domain.

Robert Sloan Latimer [1857-1931], Dr. Baedeker: and his Apostolic Work in Russia. London: PIckering & Inglis, 1907. Hbk. pp.223. [Click to download complete book in PDF]


  • Preface
  • Introductory Note by Her Highness Princess Nathalie Lieven, of St. Petersburg
  • Introductory Note by the Right Honourable Lord Radstock
  1. A Man sent from God
  2. His Mission and His “Parish”
  3. Early Years
  4. His Conversion and Setting Forth for Christ
  5. Russia Yesterday and To-Morrow
  6. “I Was in Prison, and Ye Came Unto Me”
  7. In the Camp of the Angel
  8. Hostile Priests and Active Police
  9. In St. Petersburg Drawing-Rooms
  10. Descending into Hell
  11. Excellent Fishing in Dark Waters
  12. Siberia From End to End
  13. In Finland and Scandinavia
  14. Beside the Caspian Sea
  15. “And Others Were Tortured”
  16. Dr. Baedeker and Count Tolstoy
  17. Weston-Super-Mare, and Home
  18. The Prophet Cries Aloud

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