Why Spain? The Story of the Spanish Gospel Mission by E. Stuart Brown

Today’s free book is the story of the Spanish Gospel Mission. This in-copyright work is reproduced by permission of the Spanish Gospel Mission and is free to download for educationla purposes. As with all material available for download on this website, no commerical use is permitted.

E. Stuart Brown, Why Spain? Poole: Spanish Gospel Mission, [n.d.]. Pbk. pp.82. [Click here to visit the download page for this title]


  1. “There is no one to send”
  2. Missionary with an “L” plate
  3. The Spanish Civil War
  4. The Interlude
  5. Revival under oppression
  6. Trials & Triumphs
  7. After the Vatican Council
  8. “Lord, I am lonely”
  9. End of the Franco Era
  10. The Work Goes on

Sources of main image: Map by WikiImages from Pixabay | Flag by Clker-FreeVector-Images from Pixabay

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