History of the Church in Spain by Frederick Meynell

Spain divided into the Ecclesiastical Provinces {Frontispiece]
Spain divided into the Ecclesiastical Provinces {Frontispiece]

Today’s free book is a history of the Spanish Church from the first to the 19th Century, My thanks to Book Aid for making a copy of this public domain title available for digitisation.

Frederick Meyrick [1857-1906], The Church in Spain. London: Wells Gardner, Darton & Co., 1892. Hbk. pp.450. [Click here to visit the download page for this title]


  1. Legendary Beginnings
  2. Roman Spain—How Christiabity Entered Spain
  3. Roman Spain—The Præ-Diocletian times
  4. Roman Spain—The Diocletian PErsecution in Spain
  5. Roman Spain— The Council of Elvira
  6. Roman Spain—Bishop Hosius of Cordova
  7. Roman Spain—Spanish Churchmen of the Fourth Century
  8. Roman Spain—Priscillianism
  9. Gothic Spain—INvasion of the Peninsulsa by the Vandals, Suevi, and Alani, A.D. 409
  10. Gothic Spain—King Leovigild
  11. Gothic Spain—King Reccared and the Third Council of Toledo
  12. Gothic Spain—Growth of the See of Toledo
  13. Gothic Spain—Bishop Isidore and the Fourth Council of Toledo
  14. Gothic Spain—The later Gothic Kings in Relation to the Church
  15. Gothic Spain—Bishop Julian and trhe Priacy of Toledo
  16. Gothic Spain—The Last Years of the Gothic monarchy
  17. Moorish Spain—Spread of Mohammediasim throughout the world
  18. Moorish Spain—THe Migetian and Adoptionist heresies
  19. Moorish Spain—S. James of Compestela
  20. Moorish Spain—The Cordovian Caliphate
  21. Moorish Spain—The Martyrs of Cordova
  22. Moorish Spain—Bishop Hostegesis and the Abbot Samson
  23. Moorish Spain—The second period of the Moorish domination
  24. Moorish Spain—The new Church of LEomn and Castile
  25. Moorish Spain—The Mozarabic Liturgy
  26. Moorish Spain—Four Hundred years of turmoil and licence
  27. Moorish Spain—THe Military Order and the earlier Inquisition
  28. Transitional Spain
  29. Modern Spain—The later inquisition
  30. Modern Spain—The Jesuits
  31. Modern Spain—The Spanish Mystics
  32. Modern Spain—The Bourbons in Spain
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