Works of Alpheus Paget Wilkes [1871-1934]

Alpheus Paget Wilkes [1871-1934]When working on a project as large as is is easy to be distracted from the main task in hand and follow-up “rabbit-trails” as exciting material comes to hand. In this case of A. Paget Wilkes, one of the founders of the Japan Evangelist Band, however, I decided to follow the rabbit trail.

The reason for this is that so few of his many works are available on-line – The Internet Archive only hosting four of them. So, in addition to the books by Wilkes provided by Redcliffe College I have bought (from Book Aid) and scanned a number of others to form the basis of what I hope will eventually become a complete archive of Wilke’s books.

Click here to visit the Alphaeus Paget Willkes Bibliography

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