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High Lights in the Near East. Reminiscences of Nearly 40 years Service
' Abdul-Fady (Arthur Thomas Upson) [1874-1958]

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Book Description

High Lights in the Near East. Reminiscences of Nearly 40 years Service
Publication Year:
London & Edinburgh
Marshall, Morgan & Scott, Ltd.
Autobiography, Christian Missions, Egypt
Copyright Holder:
Public domain
'Abdul-Fady (Arthur Thomas Upson [1874-1958]), High Lights in the Near East. Reminiscences of Nearly 40 years Service


  • Prefatory Note
  1. Crisis leading to Process - Work at Herne Bay - Call to Field - Why Egypt? - How I Learned Arabic
  2. Pray Back from the Gates of Death - Work with "The Bengal Tiger" - Marriage without Funds - Our Three Principles
  3. Life-changing seen after Many Days - Meaning of Eccles 11:1
  4. 64,000 Deaths from Cholera - Essay-writing in Al-Azhar - Does Evening precede Morning?
  5. "Lord, open His Ears" - "A Sound of Gentle Stillness" (Heb. of I Kings 19: 12) - Dr Reid of Eastbourne on "Handicaps."
  6. Freedom in the Old Days - An Amatuer Marriage Bureau - The Coming of the "Whirlwind"
  7. Thine Ears Shall Hear - Instances of Guidance
  8. The Moslems in China - Egypt Colportage Work - Staying in Egyptian House
  9. War - "Even then will I be Confident" - (Ps. 27: 3. R.V.) - The Zionist Demonstration in Cairo
  10. Slumming; Snatching Them out of the Fire - Visit of Bishop Taylor Smith - Cameos from the Streets
  11. 3,000 Casulaties in he Egyptian Riots - "My Peace I Give unto You"
  12. "I will Guide Thee" - Further Instances of Guidance - Test for our Books ("Let the Books SPeak, Lord")
  13. The Greatest Irrigation Engineer Tells of His COnversion from Modernism
  14. A Thirsty land (Algeria, Sahara, etc.). - MissLilias Trotter and Canon Gairdner "Promoted to Glory" - Attempted Murder of Two of our Staff in Transjordan
  15. "He Maketh His Ministers a Flame of Fire" - Silver Jubilee of Nile Mission Press
  16. Some Final Examples of Personal Guidance - Palestine, etc.
  17. Ethiopia (Cush) Shall Haste to Stretch out Her Hands unto God (R.V.) - Farewell to Egypt - Visits to Druze Mountain - "Go to Nineveh that Great City" - The Shiah of Iraq
  18. Antioch, Laodicea, Nazareth, Mount Carmel - Finally, Essex again
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