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Countries in Oceania

Solomon Islands

Associated Missionaries:

John Coleridge Patteson [1827-1871] | Cecil Wilson [1860-1941] | Florence Selina Harriet Young [1856-1940]

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Book or monograph Alan R. Tippett, Solomon Islands Christianity: A Study in Growth and Obstruction. London: Lutterworth Press, 1967.
Book or monograph Henry P. Van Dusen [1897-1975], They Found the Church There. The Armed Forces Discover Christian Missions in the Pacific. London: SCM Press Ltd., 1945. Hbk. pp.125.

Countries in Oceania:

Australia | East Timor | Fiji | French Polynesia | Kiribati | Marshall Islands | Federated States of Micronesia | Nauru | New Caledonia | New Zealand | Palau | Papua New Guinea | Samoa | Solomon Islands | Tonga | Tuvalu | Vanuatu