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Alliance for Vulnerable Mission Bulletin


The Alliance for Vulnerable Mission encourages some missionaries from the West to carry out ministry using indigenous languages and resources.

The AVM (Alliance for Vulnerable Mission) seeks to encourage wider use of mission and development strategies that depend on locally available resources and local languages. These strategies are "vulnerable" in the sense that they do not have fringe benefits built into them, deliberately or otherwise. They will therefore fail unless or until there is strong local confidence in their spiritual or developmental value. The missionary or development worker will allow them to fail rather than prop them up with outside money. "Vulnerable mission" may be seen as part of the movement toward contextualization of the Gospel of Jesus, which we regard as the theory of many and the practice of few.

The Alliance for Vulnerable Mission Bulletin provides monthly updates and appears here by permission of the Chairman.

You can download all the available bulletins by right-clicking here and selecting "save as" to download the archive in a single zip file. Please note that the file is around 50 MB. The zipped folder contains an index file which has a search box which allows the user to search the archive. Be sure to decompress the entire contents of the zip archive first, or the search box will not work.

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