Biography of Hudson Taylor by Marshall Broomhall

Marshall Broomhall [1866-1937], Hudson Taylor. The Man Who Believed God.Marshall Broomhall was the nephew of Hudson Taylor and served as General Secretary for the China Inland Mission. He was therefore well qualified to write a brief but authoritative biography of the Mission’s founder.

My thanks to the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide for providing a copy of this book for digitisation. This title is in the public domain.

Marshall Broomhall [1866-1937], Hudson Taylor. The Man Who Believed God. London: China Inland Mission, 1929. Hbk. pp.244. [Click to download the complete book in PDF]



Part I: Birth and Call 1832-1853. AET 1-21.

1 – The Man Who Believed God
2 – Face to Face with God
3 – A Godly Heritage
4 – A Man Sent from God
5 – God and God Only
6 – A God Who Raiseth the Dead

Part II: The Young Missionary 1853-1865. AET. 21-33.

7 – For My Names’s Sake
8 – Perplexed, But Not in Despair
9 – In Journeyings Oft
10 – A Memorable Friendship
11 – Love Triumphant
12 – God, The One Great Circumstance
13 – A Vision Seen Through Tears

Part III: The Missionary Church 1865-1905. AET. 33-73.

14 – Thou Hast Prevailed
15 – The Meek Inherit
16 – The Audacity of Faith
17 – Like As a Father
18 – Is is the Lord
19 – The Eternal Springs of God
20 – Always Advancing
21 – The Increase of God
22 – The Design of God
23 – The Word of God
24 – The Man Himself
25 – Pioneer and Builder
26 – Unto the Lord
Not Unto Us


Chronological Summary


In the years 1911 and 1918, respectively, the two volumes, Hudson Taylor in Early Years, and Hudson Taylor and the China Inland Mission, were published. Both were written by Dr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor, and both have had a remarkable circulation. Up to the time of writing nearly 50,000 volumes have been sold, and many are the tokens that these books have brought much blessing to the readers.

But these two volumes together aggregate nearly 1200 closely printed demy octavo pages, and it has been long evident that a shorter Life, in one small volume, was needed. More than one publishing house has contemplated the issue of such a biography, and several of these have kindly relinquished the idea of issuing the same, that the book might be published by the China Inland Mission itself. Grateful acknowledgement of this courtesy is hereby made. [Continue reading]

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