French polynesia | George Platt | Henry Townley | India | Madagascar | Moffat, Robert | Samoa | South Africa | William Ellis | Williams, John

Some London Missionary Society Pioneers of 1816

This book contains brief biographical sketches of five missionaries who served with the London Missionary Society: Robert Moffat (South Africa); Henry Townley (India); William Ellis (Madagascar); George Platt (French Polynesia), and John Williams (Samoa). My thanks to Book Aid for making this public domain title available for digitisation. Augustus Henry Cullen [1861-1918], Blazing the Trail….


Renaissance in India – Its Missionary Aspect (1912)

This text-book is intended primarily for use in Mission Study Circles, and in connection with it Suggestions to Leaders concerning the making of assignments, etc., have been prepared. The Editorial Committee strongly recommend all Circles to make use of these “Suggestions.” They may be obtained by writing to the Mission Study Secretary at any of…

Cecil Robertson | China

Cecil Robertson of Sianfu by F.B. Meyer

Dr Cecil Robertson was a Baptist medical missionary to China. He was converted through the ministry of F.B. Meyer, who compiled this book, mainly from Robertson’s own writings. My thanks to Redcliffe College for making a copy of this public domain title available for digitisation. Frederick Brotherton Meyer [1847-1929], Memorials of Cecil Robertson of Sianfu….

Canada | Grand Ligne Mission | Henrietta Feller

Henrietta Feller and the Grande Ligne Mission

Henrietta Feller was a Swiss-born Baptist missionary to Canada, working in Grande-Ligne, near Montreal. There she …taught, dispensed rudimentary medical services, distributed Bibles, and provided children’s care. By the time of the 1837 rebellion, a Protestant community numbering sixteen converts and a few sympathisers had formed. Biographical Dictionary of Christian Missions, p. 209. My thanks…