Mrs Howard Taylor by Joy Guinness

Mrs Geraldine Taylor

Mary Geraldine Guinness was the daughter Henry Grattan Guinness, the founder of both the Regions Beyond Missionary Union and the training College known today as Cliff College. She married Frederick Howard Taylor, son of the founder of the China Inland Mission, James Hudson Taylor.

This biography of Geraldine Taylor is still in copyright and is reproduced by kind permission of the OMF International-UK. My thanks to Book Aid for providing a copy of this book for digitisation.

Joy Guinness, Mrs Howard Taylor. Her Web of Time, 2nd edn. London: China Inland Mission, 1950. Hbk. pp.369. [Click here to visit the download page for this title]


  • Foreword by Amy Carmichael
  • Introductory
  1. Earthly Fathers We All Had
  2. And the Child… Grew
  3. Do This, and He Doeth it
  4. And the Child… Grew on
  5. Her First Avowed Intent
  6. Gentle in the Midst of You
  7. Clay in the Potter’s Hands
  8. Amd the Word of the Lord Came
  9. She Heard His Word
  10. All’s Clear Now, All’s Clear
  11. The Regions Beyond
  12. Goeth Forth and Weepeth
  13. Wisely Rekindled
  14. Rivers Flowing
  15. Together
  16. In Journeyings
  17. In Labours
  18. In Honan… In Christ
  19. In Stripes
  20. Changes
  21. He Workesth Still
  22. All Things— To Enjoy
  23. Careful in His Presence
  24. The Growth of a Book
  25. The Lord Gave, the Lord Hath Taken Away
  26. Not Quickened, Except it Die
  27. Littles Ones to Him Belong
  28. Not Ashamed
  29. Held as Hostage
  30. Life… is Energy of Love
  31. Australia
  32. Wine Poured Forth
  33. In America—For China
  34. Plenteous Grace
  35. Fortitude
  36. Another Shall Gird Thee
  37. The House of Stephanas
  38. The Best is Yet to Be
  • Postscriptium

Works by Geraldine Taylor can be found here.

John Williams – Martyr Missionary of Polynesia

James Joseph Ellis [1853-1924?], John Williams. The Martyr Missionary of Polynesia

John Williams (27 June 1796 – 20 November 1839) served with the London Missionary Society in the South Pacific. In order to expand his work to the Samoa and the Society Islands he build a missionary Ship – The Messenger of Peace – at Rarotonga. Following his death at the hands of cannibals in the New Hebrides, the London Missionary Society named seven of their missionary ships after him, the last of these being decommissioned in 1968.

This biography was digitised using a copy from the Library at Spurgeon’s College. This title is in the public domain.

James Joseph Ellis [1853-1924?], John Williams. The Martyr Missionary of Polynesia. London: S.W. Partridge & Co., n.d. Hbk. pp.160. [Click here to visit the download page for this title]


  • Preface
  1. A Words with Many Echoes, 1796-1816
  2. A Stranger with Many Friends, 1816-1822
  3. A Voyage with Many Discoveries, 1823-1827
  4. A Trouble with Many Blessings, 1827-1830
  5. A Sowing with Many Harvests, 1830-1832
  6. A Wanderer with Many Homes, 1832-1834
  7. A Champion with Many Trophies, 1834-1838
  8. A Stephen with Many a Paul, 1838-1839

Story of the Chinese Crisis – the Boxer Uprising of 1899-1901

Stanley P. Smith [1861-1931], China From Within, or the Story of the Chinese Crisis, 2nd edn.

This book is a compilation of eye-witness material put together quickly in the wake of the Boxer Uprising of 1899-1901 for the benefit of supporters in the West. This public domain title was kindly provided for digitisation by Redcliffe College.

Stanley P. Smith [1861-1931], China From Within, or the Story of the Chinese Crisis, 2nd edn. London: Marshall Brothers, 1901. Hbk. pp.252. [Click to visit the download page for this title]


  • Preface
  1. Introduction
  2. The Emperor Kuang-Hsü and the Reform Movement
  3. The Reactionaries and Their Policy
  4. Imflammatory Edicts
  5. From the Second Coup D’État to Anarchy in Peking
  6. The Grand Council in the Palace
  7. The Power of Darkness
  8. The Shan-Si Massacres
  9. The Siege of Peking
  10. The Punishment of Peking
  11. The Causes of the Uprising
  12. Religion in China
  13. China’s Need of True Religion
  14. Lady Missionaries in the Interrior of China
  15. Conclusion


In the closing words of this book we have preferred to call it a compilation. Certainly, by far the greater part of ·the first ten chapters has merely been compiled from different sources; the tenth chapter, indeed, being wholly the work of another. This is so for two reasons. Firstly, in the nature of the case, the events spoken of could be most truthfully and graphically told in the language of eye-witnesses. Secondly, the book was required in haste. A little over a month has been occupied in its compilation, ·and that time has been constantly broken into by journeyings and public duties.

Our deepest debt of thanks is due to the North China Herald, which is the weekly edition of the North China Daily News. This paper is justly held to be the best newspaper in the Far East. Among its correspondents are the most able and best-informed missionaries in all parts of China, besides other foreigners in the treaty ports ; and in addition to this, it numbers among its native contributors some of the highest m the land, both of the officials and gentry. It is, perhaps, not too much to say that if its prescient warnings about the rise and progress of this late anti-foreign movement had been laid to heart earlier it might have been avoided, or certainly mitigated in its intensity. No one who wishes to be well posted up in matters Chinese can afford to be without the paper. We are also under great obligation to Dr. Morrison for the long extracts made from his accurate account of “The Siege of Peking.” The compilation seeks to address two classes of people. Firstly, to the general public we have striven to give such an account of the late anti-foreign movement, as to its inception, culmination, and causes, as shall give them real information on these points. And secondly, we are addressing that large body of people who believe in the Lord’s Prayer, and therefore the vital connection that exists between prayer and the coming of the kingdom of God on earth, that they may the more intelligently enter into the great needs of the Chinese Empire, foremost among which are a sovereign animated by Christian sentiment, and a liberal, enlightened, and progressive government.

Pages v-vi.

Missionary Tours in the New Hebrides – Maurice Frater

Mount Benbow in Eruption (frontispiece)

Maurice Frater [1873-1941] recounts his experiences as a missionary in the Islands of the New Hebrides – now Vanuatu.

My thanks to Redcliffe College for making a copy of this public domain book available for digitisation.

Maurice Frater [1873-1941], Midst Volcanic Fires. An Account of Missionary Tours Among the Volcanic Islands of the New Hebrides with Eight Illustrations on Art Paper. London: James Clarke & Co. Ltd., [1922]. Hbk. pp.288. [Click to visit the download page for this title]


  • Appendix
  1. The Forge of Vulcan
  2. An Evangelistic Campaign
  3. An Island Herione
  4. Among the Heathen
  5. Storming the Heathen Citadels
  6. Saints and Savages
  7. The Winning of Paama
  8. The Winning of Paama (continued)
  9. Trials and Triumphs of Epi
  10. Sunshine and Shadow
  11. The Humorous Side of Mission Work

In the Arena by Isobel Kuhn

Cover image: Isobel Kuhn [1902-1957], In the Arena.

In this book Isobel Kuhn completes her autobiography, started in By Searching. My thanks to Book Aid for providing a copy of this book for digitisation and to OMF International-UK for their kind permission to place it online.

Isobel Kuhn [1902-1957], In the Arena. London: China Inland Mission, 1959. Hbk. pp.192. [Click here to visit the download page for this title]


  1. Obstacles (1024)
  2. Uncongenial Work (1925)
  3. Secret Choices (1926)
  4. Crossed Nature (1928-30)
  5. Frustrations (1928-50)
  6. Extinguished Candle-flames (1942)
  7. Small Harassments (1942-44)
  8. Taut Nerves (1944-46)
  9. Seeming Defeat (1948)
  10. Between the Scissors’ Knives (1949)
  11. Stranded at World’s End (1950)
  12. Dread Disease (1954-57)

Biography of John Sung by Leslie T Lyall

Leslie T. Lyall, A Biography of John Sung. Flame for God in the Far East, 4th edn

John Sung was a Chinese evangelist. He travelled to the US, where he earned a Ph.D. from Ohio State University before studying theology at Union Theological Seminary. Ralph R. Covell, writing in the Biographical Dictionary of Christian Missions, notes that…

After his return to China in 1927, he engaged in widespread evangelism, teaching, and training throughout all of China and in most of the countries of the southeast Pacific. He did much of this work as a part of the Bethel Band, an indigenous revivalist organizatiion. Whereever he went, his work resulted in widespread conversions and in renewal of the church…

Page 652

This is the standard biography of this remarkable man, kindly provided by Book Aid for digitisation. This book is still in copyright, so I am grateful to OMF International-UK for granting permission to place it on-line.

Leslie T. Lyall, A Biography of John Sung. Flame for God in the Far East, 4th edn. London: China Inland Mission, 1954. Hbk. pp.204. [Click here to visit the download page for this title]


  • Foreword by John R.W. Stott
  • Preface
  • Preface to the 4th Edn.
  • Prologue
  1. Childhood, 1901-1909
  2. The Hinghwa Revival. 1909-1913
  3. The Little Pastor, 1913-1919
  4. Student Days in America, 1919-1923
  5. Inner Conflict, 1923-1926
  6. The Blinding Revelation, 1926-1927
  7. Into Arabia, 1927
  8. Beginning in Jerusalem, 1927-1930
  9. And in Samaria, 1930-1931
  10. A Night to be Remembered
  11. With Bethel in Manchuria, 1931
  12. With Bethel in South China, 1931-1932
  13. With Bethel in North China, 1932-1933
  14. Last Months with Bethel
  15. A Voice Crying, 1934-1935
  16. Not Without Honour
  17. The Lame Walk

These Seventy Years: Autobiography of Thomas Lewis

Picture of Thomas Lewis [1859-1929]
Thomas Lewis [1859-1929]

Thomas Lewis served with the Baptist Missionary Society (BMS) in Africa in the areas known today as Cameroon, Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

My thanks to Book Aid for making a copy of this pulic domain book available for digitisation.

Thomas Lewis [1859-1929], These Seventy Years. An Autobiography. London: The Carey Press, 1930. Hbk. pp.300. [Click to visit the download page for this title]


  • Preface
  1. Early Years
  2. At College
  3. Before the Candidate Committee
  4. Sailing For Africa
  5. Along the West African Coast
  6. Vixtoria and its Peoples
  7. My First Christmas in Africa
  8. Germany Annexes Cameroons
  9. Lasts Days in Cameroons
  10. My First Furlough
  11. First Voyage up the Congo River
  12. San Salvador and the First Baptisms
  13. Mostly Concerning Colleagues
  14. The King’s Golden Necklace
  15. Developments of the Native Church
  16. Building a Mission Station
  17. Pioneering in Zomboland
  18. Moving the Tent
  19. Travels from Kibokolo
  20. Difficulties and Setbacks
  21. A Critical Period
  22. Further Travels
  23. Changes
  24. Kimpese and the Valley of the Shadow
  25. Unsettled Days and the Return to Kimpese
  26. A Fresh Start at Kibokolo
  27. “The Stones of Kibokolo”
  28. Reflections
  29. Nkand’a Nzambi—Book of God
  30. Final Words
  • Index

W. Holman Bentley, Congo Pioneer

Hendrina Margo Bentley [1855-1938], W. Holman Bentley: The Life and Labours of a Congo Pioneer.

An important biography on the noted Baptist Missionary Society pioneer in the Congo W. Holman Bentley, written by his widow. My thanks to Redcliffe College for making a copy of this public domain title available for digitisation.

Hendrina Margo Bentley [1855-1938], W. Holman Bentley: The Life and Labours of a Congo Pioneer. London: The Carey Press, 1907. pp.446. [Click to visit the download page for this title]


  • Preface
  1. Early Life and Home Influences
  2. The Voyage Out
  3. The San Salvador
  4. Early Days
  5. To Stanley Pool
  6. Manyanga
  7. ‘In Journeys Oft’
  8. ‘A People in Darkness’
  9. Arthington at Last
  10. First Furlough, and Many Labours
  11. To the Field Once More
  12. Up the River
  13. Settles at Wathen
  14. The Man and His Methods
  15. Mission Policy and Personal Dealings
  16. Itinerating: Privlieges and Perils
  17. Progress, Encouragement, and Trials
  18. Third Period in the Congo
  19. Last Days and Home-Call
  20. Recollections and Testimonies
  • Appendix
  • Index

Love that was Stronger – Lilias Trotter of Algiers

I.R. Govan Stewart, The Love That Was Stronger. Lilias Trotter of Algiers

The story of the pioneer missionary Lilias Trotter, who travelled in North Africa where no white woman had before gone, begins in the days when Moody and Sankey stirred Britain and America with virile spiritual life. The unfolding of her experience which reached to the deep things of God,and the beauty of her life should be known to a generation which is characterised by breadth rather than depth of knowledge. The real fascination of the story is the strength of her love for the Son of God.

From the dustjacket

The work in North Africa begun by the Algiers Mission Band continues through AWM-Pioneers: inspiring people with news of how God is moving in the hearts of Muslims across the Arab world; encouraging people to join in with God’s Kingdom purposes and get involved in cross-cultural ministry. This copyright work appears by permission of AWM-Pioneers.

I.R. Govan Stewart, The Love That Was Stronger. Lilias Trotter of Algiers. London: Algiers Mission Band, 1958. Hbk. pp.96. [Click here to visit the download page]


  • Preface
  1. A Victorian Upbringing
  2. A Spiritual Experience
  3. Adventuring in Algiers
  4. Challenging Islam
  5. The Lure of the Desert
  6. Out of Death—Life
  7. Traveller and Mystic
  8. Thirty Years Retrospect
  9. Dar Naama
  10. Retrieval and Advance
  11. Triumph

John Thomas, First Baptist Missionary to Bengal

John Thomas (1757-1801)
Photo credit: Regent’s Park College, University of Oxford

Dr John Thomas [1757-1801] was a founding member of the Baptist Missionary Society and accompanied William Carey to India in 1793. Charles Bennett Lewis’s biography is one of the standard works on Thomas. The original from which this digital copy was made is held in Spurgeon’s College Library. This book is in the public domain.

Charles Bennett Lewis [1821-1890], The Life of John Thomas. Surgeon of the Earl of Oxford and First Baptist Missionary to Bengal. London: MacMillan & Co., 1873. Hbk. pp.417. [Click to visit the download page for this title]


  • Preface
  1. Mr Thomas’s Early Life—1757-83
  2. Calcutta in the Latter half of the Eighteenth Century
  3. Voyages to Calcutta and engagement as a Missionary—1783-87
  4. The First Year at Malda—1787-8
  5. Controversy and Disaster—1788-89
  6. Harla Gachi—1789-90
  7. Reconciliation and Return to England—1790-92
  8. Missionary Projects in Bengal
  9. The Baptist Missionary Society and its First Enterprise
  10. How the Lord made Room for His Servants, that they might dwell in the Land—1793-4
  11. Moypaldiggy—1794-7
  12. Having no certain dwelling-place—1797-9
  13. Serampore—1799-1800
  14. Cast down, but not destroyed—1799-1800
  15. Dinajpur and Sadamahal—1801
  16. Concluding Observations
  • Appendix