Sixty Years of Ministry to Lepers

Anonymous, Sixty Years of Service 1874-1934 on Behalf of Lepers and Their ChildrenThe Mission to Lepers – later known as The Leprosy Mission – was founded by Wellesley C Bailey. This book, published three years before Bailey’s death at the age of 91 – to which he contributed the foreword – recounts the mission’s history. My thanks to Redcliffe College for providing me with a copy of this book to scan. This title is in the Public Domain.

Anonymous, Sixty Years of Service 1874-1934 on Behalf of Lepers and Their Children. London: The Mission to Lepers, 1934. Hbk. pp.96. [Click to download complete book in PDF]


  • A Message from the Founder
  • Small Beginnings
  • Growth and Expansion (1874-1924)
  • Ten Year Onward (1924-1934)
  • Lengthening the Stakes – China
  • Breaking Forth – Africa
  • The Children Sat in a New Place
  • The Church Among the Lepers
  • Progress in Treatment for Leprosy, 1934-1934
  • America Contribution
  • Fields and Stations
  • The Missions Support
  • Co-operating Societies and Churches
  • Honorary Officers, Council, Secretaries, &c.

A Message from the Founder

It is to me a source of great thankfulness that I have lived to see the Diamond Jubilee of our beloved Mission and to take a part m the rejoicings, though I fear I shall not be able to be present at any of the special meetings to celebrate the event. Naturally, I look back, and my heart goes up in thankfulness and praise to God for His wonderful dealings with the Mission through all these sixty years. He has provided for its needs, never permitting us to close a year with a deficit. He has provided the workers for the various ministries that have been carried on, the ministry of comfort and help, the ministry of teaching and healing, and of saving the children from falling victims to the disease of their parents, and the giving of an outlook and. interest in life to those who had given up hope in anything. [Continue reading]

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