Then and Now in the Kenya Colony by Willis R. Hotchkiss

Willis Ray Hotchkiss [1873-1948], Then and Now in Kenya Colony. Forty Adventurous Years in East Africa

This is an account by Willis Ray Hotchkiss [1873-1948] of his 40 years of service with the Africa Inland Mission in Kenya. My thanks to Redcliffe College for making this book, which entered the public domain this year, available for digitisation.

Willis Ray Hotchkiss [1873-1948], Then and Now in Kenya Colony. Forty Adventurous Years in East Africa. London & Edinburgh: Oliphants, 1937. Hbk. pp.160. [Click to visit the download page for this title]


  • Foreword by Lewis Speery Chafer
  1. The Beginning of the Trail
  2. Heading into the Unknown
  3. Adventures by the Way
  4. Our Troubles Begin
  5. A Rhino Saves the Situation
  6. Down in the Depths
  7. Testing and Proving the Promise
  8. The Beginning in Lumbwa
  9. Some Side Lights on Missionary Work
  10. Meet a Great Medicine Man
  11. Progress is Not Always Forward
  12. The Curse of Babal Still Here
  13. Some Strange Things
  14. Flying Over Africa


…. Mr. Hotchkiss went out as one of the first missionaries of the Africa Inland Mission. That he achieved much under God for that great movement in its early days is disclosed in one terse sentence written by the late Charles Hurlburt, founder of the Mission, to Mr. Hotchkiss’ mother regarding the early crisis in the Mission : ” Surely through your faithful son God has saved this work for His own glory.” The reading of this thrilling narrative in manuscript form has stirred my own heart as few missionary records have ever done. The book will claim a large place in missionary literature. Christian character and courage are both contagious, and none can avoid the uplift who will read this modest record of Mr. Hotchkiss’ great life and service.

Lewis Sperry Chafer, page 6

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