New Chapel, Montego bay. St James

Updated Bibliography for William Knibb, Missionary and Anti-slavery Campaigner, with material previously unavailable online

I recently launched a Go Fund Me campaign for overhead scanning equipment. Thanks to the generosity of my supporters, I have now been able pay for part of this equipment which allows me to digitise older material that cannot be done on a flatbed scanner. This YouTube video by Klaus Frankfurt shows how the method works – although I am using a different camera to the one shown.

Scanning a book using an overhead camera.

As an example of the advantages of this method, I have updated the bibliography of William Knibb [1803-1845], the noted Baptist missionary and anti-slavery campaigner. The bibliography now includes download links to rare material from several books and contemporary magazine articles. Many of these have not been readily available for students and scholars before now, because their rarity, age and fragility made them difficult to digitise.

Click here to access the updated bibliography on William Knibb.

If you would like to support my Go Fund Me campaign and make more projects like these possible, please click here for further information.

Main image: New Chapel, Montego bay. St James. Source: William Knibb [1803-1845], Jamaica Speech of the Rev. William Knibb, Before the Baptist Missionary Society, In Exeter Hall, April 28th 1842 to which be prefixed, a Letter to W.B. Gurney, Esq., Treasurer of the Society, 2nd edn. London: G and J. Dyer, 1842.

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