Coke Chapel, Jamaica
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George Sargeant Wesleyan Missionary to the West Indies

Rev William Sargeant (Frontispiece)

Today’s free book is a biography of George Sargeant, a key figure in the early days of Wesleyan Missions in the Caribbean. My thanks to Book Aid for making a copy of this public domain title available for digitisation.

F. Rought Wilson [1865-1931], Life of George Sargeant. Wesleyan Missionary and First President of the West Indian Conference. London: Charles H. Kelly, 1901. Hbk. pp.180. [Click here to visit the download page for this title]


  • Preface
  • Introduction
  1. Early Days—First efforts at Christian work—Affection for his native county—In business—Oxford—Called to the ministry
  2. Appointed to the West Indies—The voyage out—St. Kitts—The First Wesleyan missionaries—Effects of emancipation
  3. First missionary experiences—Anthony Trollope’s Misinterpretations—Some illustrations of success
  4. Antigua—Beginning of Methodist missions—James Cox
  5. St Martin—”Under Three Flags”—Modified Slavery—The escapred slave girl—Methidism among the white colonists
  6. Jamaica—Early history of Jamaican Methodism—Eminacipation
  7. Love for Jamaica—Rebecca Waite—Edward Fraser—First Furlough—English Circuits
  8. Return to Jamaica—Home for a year—Appointed chairman of the Jamaica District—York Castle Institution—An authority on Education—Travelling experiences—Diary of a missionary tour
  9. Chairman of Bedord and Northampton District—Appointed first Presient of W.I. Conference—Elecgion to LEgal Hundred—Marriage—On Deputation for Bible Society—Barbados—Reception by W.I. Brethren
  10. Beginnings of commercial depression—Story of Progress—Presidential toils and travels—At home in Barbados—Re-appointed President—”Froudicity”
  11. Returns to England for good—”Farewell”—Settled in Chelmsford—Becomes a supernumenary
  12. Days if retirement—Failing strength—Notes of last address—”Asleep in Jesus”—Funeral service—Last tributes
  • Appendix
    • Christ all in all
    • The Saints of Caesar’s Household
    • Ordination charge delivered in Barbados
    • An appreciation by James H. Darrell
  • Index

Top image: Coke Chapel, Jamaica

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