Protestant Missions in South America to 1900

Harlan P. Beach, F.P.L. Josa, J. Taylor Hamilton, H.C. Tucker, C.W. Drees, I.H. La Fetra, T.B. Wood & T.S. Pond, Protestant Missions in South America
Endpiece: Missionary Map of South America. Click image to download larger version

This college textbook covers the progress of Protestant Missions up to 1900 in most of the countries of South America. It also includes a superb colour map as an endpiece. My thanks to Redcliffe College for providing me with a copy if the book to scan. This title is in the public domain.

Harlan P. Beach, F.P.L. Josa, J. Taylor Hamilton, H.C. Tucker, C.W. Drees, I.H. La Fetra, T.B. Wood & T.S. Pond, Protestant Missions in South America. New York: Student Volunteer Movement, 1907. Hbk. pp.239. [Click to download complete book in PDF]



  1. Geographical and General. By Harlan P. Beach
  2. British Guiana. By Canon F.P.L. Josa
  3. Dutch Guiana, or Surinam. By Prof. J. Taylor Hamilton
  4. Brazil. By H.C. Tucker
  5. Republics of the Plata River. By Rev. C.W. Drees
  6. Chile. By Rev. I.H. La Fetra
  7. The Land of the Incas. By Rev. T.B. Wood
  8. Colombia. By Mrs T.S. Pond
  9. Veneszuela. By Mrs. T.S. Pond
  10. South America as a Mission Field. By Rev. T.B. Wood
  • Appendix A. – Bibliography
  • Appendix B. – General Statistics concerning South American Countries
  • Appendix C. – South American Missionary Statistics for 1900.
  • Analytical Index
  • Map Index
  • Missionary Map of South America


This text-book is one of a series, prepared primarily for the use of mission study classes in colleges and other institutions of higher learning, but also largely for study classes in churches and young peoples’ societies. The somewhat peculiar typography and paragraph arrangement are ac-counted for by the fact that an experience of six years has proven the desirability of some such aid to the busy student or reader. The Analytical Index at the close has likewise been found useful in the class-room, as well as to the reader who desires to learn at a glance the scope of the volume. [Continue reading]

Three Freds – Martyred Pioneers for Christ in Brazil

William John Waterman Roome [1865-1937], The Three Freds. Martyred Pioneers For Christ in BrazilThese are the stories of Fred Wright, Fred Dawson and Fred Roberts, who all lost their lives in the cause of the Gospel in the jungles of Brazil. My thanks to Redcliffe College for providing a copy of the book for digitisation. This book is in the public domain.

William John Waterman Roome [1865-1937], The Three Freds. Martyred Pioneers For Christ in Brazil. London: Marshall, Morgan & Scott Ltd., 1937. Pbk. pp.125. [Click to download complete book in PDF]



  1. “In the Train of His Triumph”
  2. Pioneering Amidst Primeval Forests
  3. The Call of Amazonia!
  4. Launching the Venture
  5. Facing the Foe!
  6. Giving the Word
  7. Buried Seeds!
  8. Gathered Fruit!
  9. Searching Out the Kayapos
  10. “Their Name Liveth For Evermore”


The book contained an interesting piece of ephemera – a promotional bookmark – which I have reproduced below right.

The Three Freds Bookmark


The “Three Freds” both in life and death, showed that certain strong principles governed their lives. We would do well to consider these in relation to our own lives, as we read this book.

They did not say with Jacob, “If God… will keep me in the way… so that I come again in peace… then shall the Lord be my God.” But in glad abandon they committed their lives to do His will, although it meant death.

These men, seeing the possibility of death, bequeathed their kit to those who should follow them and evangelise the Kayapo. They understood the value of the souls of the wild Indians of the forest for whom Christ died.

They realised they might never complete, or even begin, the work; so great was the danger. Yet they believed God would fulfil His promise that some from every tribe would be around the Throne; and were ready to die in faith, not having received the promises but being persuaded of them. They considered obedience to God’s call their duty; and they left the issue with Him to raise up others to fulfil the work. [Continue reading]

Century of Baptist Missions

A Century of Baptist Missions offers a summary of the work of American Baptist Missions from their foundation up to around 1890. It covers their work in Burma (Myanmar), India, China, Japan, Africa, Brazil, Cuba, France, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, Greece, Spain and Turkey. This book is in the Public Domain.

Sophie Bronson Titterington [1846-?], A Century of Baptist Foreign Missions. An Outline Sketch. Philadelphia: American Baptist Publication Society, 1891. Hbk. pp.300. [Download complete book in PDF]


  1. The Dawn in England
  2. Beginnings in America

    Burman Missions

  3. A New Gold Mine
  4. Early Lights and Shadows – Martyr Sufferings
  5. Rewards and Results
  6. Varied Experiences – Enlargement
  7. Helping Hands
  8. Sorrow and Joy
  9. Later Years

    Karen Mission

  10. A Fire Kindled
  11. Jungle Victories
  12. Success in Adversity
  13. Sunshine and Shadow
  14. Looking Beyond
  15. Trial and Victory

    Missions in Assam

  16. Lenthening Cords
  17. Progress in Assam
  18. The Kohls, Nagas, and Garos

    Shan Mission

  19. Mountain Heathen
  20. Sowing and Reaping

    Missions in China

  21. The Chinese Mission at Bangkok
  22. From Macoa to Swatow
  23. Results
  24. The Canton Mission
  25. Quiet Growth in China
  26. Central China Mission
  27. Northern China or Shantung Mission
  28. Western China Station

    Telugu Mission

  29. The Seed Planters
  30. Early Sheaves
  31. Later Harvests

    Missions in Japan

  32. Open Doors in Japan
  33. Promise and Perplexity
  34. The Crisis in Japan

    Missions in Africa

  35. The Old and the New
  36. Light in Darkness
  37. Missions of the Southern Board

    Missions in Western Hemisphere

  38. Missions in Brazil
  39. MIssions in Cuba
  40. Missions in Mexico

    Missions in Europe

  41. The Mission in France
  42. The Mission in Germany
  43. The Mission in Sweden
  44. The Mission in Italy
  45. Missions in Denmark, Greece, Spain
  46. The Publication Society’s Work in Turkey
  47. Our Century