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My Four Years in Turkish Prisons by Archibald Forder

David's Tower, Jerusalem, close to the Jaffa Gate, where Mr Archibald Forder Was first imprisoned

In this exclusive article Mr. Forder tells the readers of THE SUNDAY AT HOME, to whom his work as a missionary in Palestine for twenty-five years is well known, the remarkable story of his terrible experiences during the war-a story in which His Majesty the King recently showed a deep and sympathetic interest. Our readers will remember that before the war Mr. Forder was known as one of the greatest living authorities on Palestine, and especially on work among the Bedouins. – The Editor

Archibald Forder [1863-1934], “My Four Years in Turkish Prisons,” Sunday at Home (1919-1920): 265-271. [Download complete article in PDF]

The book referred to in this article In Brigands Hands is already available on-line here. I will endeavour to locate and publish more of his articles in Sunday at Home.

When last I wrote an article for THE SUNDAY AT HOME, I little dreamed that I should ever have such a story to tell as that which I now sit down to write. My pen travels slowly. It is not merely that my hand is paralysed. My heart is almost too full for words. I feel I must confine myself to the simple facts of my imprisonment and of my release. I will tell the story as simply as I can.

When the war broke out, we who were working in Palestine had no idea that Turkey would be involved. Many missionaries left the country by order of their committees. We who were independent preferred to remain. Every week we were assured that we were safe. Suddenly came the news that Turkey had entered the war, and many residents in Jerusalem found to their dismay that they were detained. [Continue reading]

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