Griffith John Founder of the Hankow Mission Central China

William Robson, Griffith John. Founder of the Hankow Mission to Central ChinaGriffith John [1831-1912] was a Welsh Congregationalist who served with the London Missionary Society in Central China. He is notable for his courageous evangelistic tours into dangerous regions of China, for his work as a writer and Bible translator. My thanks to Redcliffe College for providing me with a copy of the book to scan. THisbook is in the Public Domain.

William Robson, Griffith John. Founder of the Hankow Mission to Central China. London: S.W. Partridge & Co., n.d. Hbk. pp.176. [Click to download complete text in PDF]


  1. The Boy Preacher of Wales – Losing and Gaining a Father by the Same Grave – Covenanting to be a Missionary
  2. Shanghai – Buckling on His Armour
  3. The Taiping Rebellion
  4. Founding of the Hankow Mission
  5. Native Helpers – Mission Hospital Established – Specimen Converts
  6. Tour of 3,000 Miles Through the Provinces of Si-chuen and Shen-si to Wuchang – Visit to England – Return, and Death of Mrs John
  7. Literary Work
  8. Second Marriage – Stoned by the Heathen – Endued with “Power From on High” – Continued Success – Death of Mrs John
  9. Interesting Chapel Openings – A Remarkable Proclamation – Happy Deaths
  10. Honours For Mr John – The Years 1888 to 1901 – Missionary ours in Hupeh – Planting the Gospel Standard in Hanan – A Retrospect


The introduction of Protestant Missions into the interior of China is of such recent date that the most eminent pioneers of that movement are still living.

Not only was Griffith John the first to preach in Hankow, and to carry the Gospel into the provinces of Si-chuen, Shan-si, and the capitals of other provinces which were long closed to missionaries by the obstinate pride of the officials and literati, but his eloquence as a preacher, his literary attainments, and the tact and adroitness displayed in dealing with officials of the government, combine to place him foremost on the list of Chinese missionaries.  [Continue reading]

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