Marie Christlieb’s Uphill Road in India

Marie Louise Christlieb [1868-1946] carried out evangelistic work in the villages of Hospet – present day Karnataka – in SW India in 1893, despite opposition from male colleagues. In this book she describes her work between 1906-1926 and is based on correspondence with a friend with whom she shared her first period of service in India. My thanks to Redcliffe College for providing a copy to scan. This title is in the public domain.

Marie Louise Christlieb [1868-1946], An Uphill Road in India. London: George Allen & Unwin, Ltd., 1927. Hbk. pp.253. [Download complete book in PDF]


The following ·pages – as the dedication conveys – are collected from a correspondence covering a period of over twenty years. The friend to whom it was addressed shared the first period of service in India with the writer; of the beginning of their missionary work there is, therefore, no detailed record. The letters begin when the writer returned to India alone.

As they contained a great deal of merely personal interest some editing had to be done, also a few additions made here and there, as the public at home could not be counted upon to possess the knowledge of India as the recipient of the letters. For the sake of clearness in presenting some phase of work absolute chronology could not be observed in the sequence of chapters. All incidents, conversations, etc., are descriptions of current happenings.

The names of most places and of persons still living have been changed.

The book does not pretend to be a presentment of new facts concerning India; It is but a simple human recital of daily experiences among. a much-loved Eastern people. Should it help to provoke anyone to spend thought upon the great dependency to which we are so closely bound it would be great reward. [Continue reading]

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