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Countries in Africa:

Sierra Leone

Associated Missionaries:

Thomas Champness [1832-1905] | Taylor Smith (Bishop) [1879-1963]

On-line Resource Charles Henry Robinson, History of Christian MissionsCharles Henry Robinson [1861-1925], History of Christian Missions. Edinburgh: T & T Clark, 1915. Hbk. pp.287-289. [This material is in the Public Domain]
Article in Journal or Book A.F. Walls, "A Christian Experiment: The Early Sierra Leone Colony," G.J. Cuming, ed.,The Mission of the Church and the Propagation of th Faith. Papers read at the Seventh summer meeting and eighth winter meeting of the Ecclesiastical History Society. Studies in Church History, Vol. 6. . Cambridge: Cambridge UNiversity Press,1970. Hbk. pp.107-129.

Countries in Africa