Japan Rescue Mission Booklet online

"Pulled Out Of The Fire" by Japan Rescue Mission

The first request I received when I announced that I would be uploading books on mission was for something about work in Japan. This little booklet contains “some soul-stirring accounts of God’s grace in Japan”, so I hope that it proves of interest.

G.D., “Pulled out of the Fire”. Birkenhead: The Japan Rescue Mission, [c.1930]. pp.62. Click to download in PDF.


1 – The Starting Point
2 – Two Things He Knew
3 – A Life Made Luminous by Love
4 – Is Not This A Brand Plucked
5 – A Calvary Product
6 – Made Over Again
7 – Do Not Come Near Me
8 – Save From a Suicide’s Grace
9 – I am Going to Heaven Tomorrow
10 – Apathy or Action

Chapter 1. The Starting Point

Our one and only aim and object in sending out this booklet is to magnify the matchless grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and to extol the efficacy of His precious Blood. In these days of fearful declension, there is a greater need than ever for Christian people to set forth in unmistakable language and with the clearest possible emphasis the greatness of the One Who died on Calvary as a ”propitiation for the sins of the whole world.” It gives us the greatest possible joy to record the fact that since this  work commenced a few years ago, we have had ample opportunity to prove, at least to our own satisfaction, the genuineness and reality of the promises of God. Right from the outset we have had one passion, and that has been to bring the lost to Christ through the preaching of the old time Gospel and through the work of the Holy Spirit in applying that Gospel to their hearts and consciences.

Some people have thought that this work of rescuing the perishing was-to some extent at least-a waste of time. (Their idea was that it was more social than spiritual). We ourselves have never taken time to discuss terms nor to make any attempt to separate the work of God into different compartments. We are out first and last to get at the people’s souls, and to see that they are brought into contact with the cleansing and life-giving efficacy of Christ’s atoning work. [Continue reading]

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