Letters of Edward Petter

Edward Petter [1832-1910]
Edward Petter [1832-1910] missionary salesman
Over the last few years as part of my “day job” I have been transcribing around 500 handwritten letters written by a Mr Edward Petter of Barnstaple to his beloved wife, Angee, dating between 1885 and 1901. Mr Petter was a sales representative for the Peek Freans biscuit company and in that capacity undertook no less that fourteen overseas tours, many of which took him around the globe. As a result he was one of the most travelled men in an age when travelling was still a very hazardous occupation. He was also a committed member of the Exclusive Brethren and used every opportunity to preach the Gospel to his fellow passengers on board ship, train or stage-coach. Although there were many of these brethren “Missionary Salesmen” at that time as far as I know this only set of letters written by one of them to survive and it gives a fascinating incite into his thoughts as well as recording many of the significant events of his day. On his travels he met members of Parliament, members of the British Royal family, Diplomats, Naval spies and missionaries of various denominations, including several encounters with Hudson Taylor and other CIM missionaries.

I hope that others enjoy reading these letters as much as I have enjoyed working on them. Click here to visit the website.

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