Mary Bird in Persia by Clara C. Rice

Clara C. Rice, Mary Bird in Persia
I am pleased to be able to upload a biography of Mary Bird, who served the Lord in Persia – modern-day Iran. You will note from the photograph above that the original was quite foxed – something which happily I have been able to remove in the digitised version.

Clara C. Rice, Mary Bird in Persia. London: Church Missionary Society, 1916. Hbk. pp.200. [Click to download in PDF]

Reproduced by kind permission of the Church Missionary Society.


1 – Mary Bird-Her Ancestry, Early Life, and Personality
2 – Ancient Persia
3 – Modern Persia
4 – Persian Conditions and Customs
5 – Mary Bird as a Pioneer
6 – ”Khanum Maryam,” The Friend of the Persians
7 – The Attitude of the Persians to “Khanum Maryum”
8 – Mary Bird as a “Doctor”
9 – Mary Bird as a “Teacher”
10 – Mary Bird as a Friend and an Inspiration
11 – “A Faithful Soldier and Servant” at Work and at Rest
12 – The Present Opportunity in Persia
Glossary of Persian Terms



All who had the privilege of knowing Mary Bird intimately, and of being her fellow workers in the great cause of foreign Missions, will rejoice that this memoir is being given to the public. The story of her life and labours can hardly fail to be an inspiration to those who read it. One could not see much of her without realizing the Presence of the Master to Whose service all her time and her talents were consecrated.

And now that she has gone to be with Him in a higher sphere of service, it is well that this book should go forth on its mission as a call to others to follow the King with the same whole-hearted devotion with which she followed Him. It would have been a loss to the Church of Christ if no such record had been written. Not indeed that it would be possible or desirable for many workers, either at home or abroad, to attempt to mould their lives upon hers in detail. Few, if any, could with advantage follow her example in ignoring the claims of the body to a reasonable measure of recreation, food, and sleep. It was a marvel to those who watched her self-denying labours that she lived so long. [Continue reading]

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