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Missions in India from AD 193-1893 by George Smith

George Smith [1833-1919], The Conversion of India. From Pantaenus to the Present Day. A.D. 193-1893George Smith sets out to provide a history of Christian Missions in India from the time of Pantaenus (one of the leading lights of the Catechetical school of Alexandria who died c.200 AD) up to his own time. My thanks to the Cambridge Centre For Christianity Worldwide for providing me with a copy to digitise. This title is in the public domain.

George Smith [1833-1919], The Conversion of India. From Pantaenus to the Present Day. A.D. 193-1893. New York: Young People’s Missionary Movement, 1893. Hbk. pp.258. [Click to download complete title in PDF]


  • Preface
  1. Introduction
  2. The Greek Attempt
  3. The Roman Attempt
  4. Francis Xavier and His Successors – The Dutch Attempt
  5. The British East India Company’s Work of Preparation
  6. Great Britain’s Attempt
  7. The United States of America’s Co-operation
  8. The Methods of the Evangelical Mission to India
  9. The Results of Christian Missions to India
  10. The Prospects of the Conversion of India
  11. Intercession and Thanksgiving
  • Appendix
  • Index


The first of the Churches of the Reformation to become missionary was that of the Netherlelands. The Dutch colony of New Netherlands, in North America, lasted from the year 1609 to 1664. In 1628 the first congregation was organised on Manhattan Island, now New York. That was the earliest to work among the Red Indians. The organization which is now known as the Reformed Church in America, has furthermore established one of the most remarkable missions in British India, the Arcot Mission. In 1888 one of the elders of that Church, Mr. Nathan F. Graves, of Syracuse, N. Y., wrote to the late L. W. V. B. Mabon, D.D., Professor in its Theological Seminary, New Brunswick, N. J.: “I understand there is no Seminary or Professorship of Missions in the United States.” [Continue reading]

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