Road to Revival

Road to Revival by A.C. Stanley Smith

Road to Revival

Today’s free book is Stanley Smith’s account of the history of the Rwanda Mission. My thanks to Book Aid for making a copy of this book available for digitisation. My thanks for the Church Mission Society for their permission to reproduce it.

This book sets out to tell the story of the Ruanda Mission during the past twenty-five years. The progress of the work is likened to a journey along an African road, marked by mile-posts, dividing the time into five-year periods, each showing a definite step forward. At the same time is traced the way in which Revival has spread throughout the country and beyond. The story is told by one of the two doctors who started the Mission. He describes the early pioneering, the miraculous opening-up of the country to the Gospel, and the Mission’s plans for the future.

From the cover

A.C. Stanley Smith [1890-1978], Road to Revival. London: Church Missionary Society, n.d. Pbk. pp.116. [Click here to visit the download page for this title]


  • Foreword
  • Author’s Preface
  1. The Starting Place, 1916-1921
  2. To the First Mile-Post, 1921-1926
  3. To the Second Mile-Post, 1926-1931
  4. To the Third Mile-Post, 1931-1936
  5. To the Fourth Mile-Post, 1936-1941
  6. To the Fifth Mile-Post, 19641-1946
  • The Road Ahead
  • Summary of Chief Events
  • Staff and Statistics

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