26 Years of Missionary Work in China by Grace Stott

Grace Stott [?-1922], Twenty-Six Years of Missionary Work in ChinaGeorge & Grace Stott served with the China Inland Mission in southeastern Zhejiang province. The Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Christianity summarises their career as follows:

George Stott, the first missionary to Wenzhou, was a Scottish Protestant who worked with his wife, Grace. He arrived in China in 1866 and remained for over twenty-two years (1866-1888). (Grace Stott arrived two years after her husband and was involved with the Wenzhou church for almost thirty-eight years 1870-1908, fulltime until 1895). George Stott was one of the first two missionaries to be sent by China Inland Mission (CIM). While in Wenzhou, he and Grace began primary schools, preacher training courses, and several small congregations.

Grace Stott [?-1922], Twenty-Six Years of Missionary Work in China. London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1897. Hbk. pp.366. [Click to download complete book in PDF.]


The work of God recorded in these pages is no longer an experiment, and it is well that Mrs. Stott has been able, during her furlough, to put in more permanent form some of the incidents which many of us have heard with deepest interest from her own lips in missionary meetings, or on more private occasions.

It has been my privilege to be acquainted with this work from its commencement. With earnest prayer I commended Mr. Stott to God for his difficult journey, for in those times Wunchau was not a free port, and the eight days’ overland travel through unknown and mountainous country would have been somewhat formidable for a good walker, while for one on crutches it was much more so. He left Scotland, however, believing that “the lame should take the prey,” and he was spared to do so to no small extent. [Continue reading]

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